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STRIPE Gateway

100% secure payment with our banking partner STRIPE

In order to guarantee the security of the payment information provided by its tenants, Villa Albera has selected the STRIPE payment solution for transactions from payment. STRIPE is a secure platform PCI / DSS compliant of the 1st level for securing banking transactions in the world and which integrates a very efficient system of protection against fraud. This payment gateway is used by Twitter and Facebook.

In any case your bank details are recorded on the site All your important information such as the bank card number and its validity date remain on the bank side. Likewise, it is not necessary to create an account with Stripe to make a payment. has also adopted the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption system in order to secure and protect the data concerning your bank cards during your reservations (address https://www… with padlock).

Published on : 03/28/2021  -  Filed under : Unclassified