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Address : 26 rue des Chardonnerets 66740 Laroque des AlbèresPhone : +33 608 940 458
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General Rental Conditions

Article 1 – description : This contract concerns the rental of the Villa Albera gîte located at 26 rue des Chardonnerets 66740 Laroque des Albères. This is a small house on the ground floor of 40m2 adjoining the owner with an independent entrance, with a bedroom, bathroom, separate toilet, an equipped room serving as a kitchen / dining room / living room, and a terrace with an electric awning, a garden with private parking. The biological swimming pool is shared with the owner. Full details on the Description page.

Article 2 – stakeholders : Between the owner Mr. and Mrs. GAUD 26 rue des Chardonnerets 66740 Laroque des Albères and the tenant whose name, first name, email, address and telephone are registered by a form when booking on the site

Article 3 – duration of stay : The tenant signing this contract concluded for a fixed period may not under any circumstances invoke any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay. The duration is set at the time of booking on the site It cannot be less than 1 week except in special cases accepted by the owner and cannot exceed 3 weeks.

Article 4 – conclusion of the contract : The reservation becomes effective as soon as the tenant has made the request to the owner via the site This reservation takes place in the payment of a deposit indicated on the site and after having checked the box “I have read and I accept the General Rental Conditions” which corresponds to the acceptance of this contract.
The rental concluded between the parties to this deed can in no case benefit even partially to third parties, natural or legal persons, except with the written consent of the owner.
Any infringement of this last paragraph would be likely to result in the immediate termination of the rental at the fault of the tenant, the rental income remaining definitively acquired by the owner.

Article 5 – payment of the rental and a deposit : When booking and after acceptance of this contract, the total amount, corresponding to the sum of the cost of the rental mentioned on the site (depending on the length of the rental, the period and the options), is debited from the tenant’s credit card but only the deposit is debited in the first step

Article 6 – cancellation by the tenant : Any cancellation must be notified by email to the owner, with acknowledgment of receipt.
a) cancellation before arrival on the premises: – when the cancellation occurs more than 3 months before the planned date of entry into the premises, the owner returns in 7 days the full amount of the deposit paid by the tenant, less any bank charges. – between 2 and 3 months before the scheduled date of entry into the premises, the owner returns 50% of the amount of the deposit paid by the tenant within 7 days. – less than 30 days before the planned date of entry into the premises, the deposit remains with the owner. The latter may request the balance of the amount of the stay if he cannot find another tenant.
If the tenant does not appear within 24 hours following the arrival date indicated during the reservation, this contract becomes void and the owner can dispose of his lodging. The deposit also remains with the owner as well as the balance of the rental. The security deposit will be refunded.
b) if the stay is shortened, the rental price remains with the owner. No refund will be made other than the security deposit.

Article 7 – cancellation by the owner : The owner pays the tenant all the sums paid in advance.

Article 8 – payment of the balance : The balance of the rental will be debited from the tenant’s credit card on the day of entry into the premises. This corresponds to a payment in 2 installments without charge of the total sum defined during the reservation .

Article 9 – arrival : The tenant must present himself on the scheduled date of entry into the premises, made when booking. Arrival times are scheduled in the afternoon from 4 p.m. and until 7 p.m. Departure times are scheduled in the morning before 10 am. In case of late or delayed arrival, the tenant must notify the owner.

Article 10 – inventory of fixtures : An inventory is drawn up jointly by the tenant and the owner or his representative on arrival and departure from the gîte. This inventory constitutes the only reference in the event of a dispute concerning the inventory of fixtures. The keys are handed over and returned on this occasion.
The state of cleanliness of the lodging on the arrival of the tenant must be noted in the inventory of fixtures. The cleaning of the premises in normal use on departure from the tenant is the responsibility of the latter. In the event of abnormal use of the premises, or exceptional soiling, the amount of cleaning costs will be re-invoiced to the tenant and deducted from the security deposit.

Article 11 – security deposit or deposit : On arrival of the tenant, a security deposit, the amount of which is indicated on the site is requested by the owner at the same time as the rental balance. This deposit is not debited but is reserved on the tenant’s credit card. After the contradictory establishment of the exit inventory, this deposit is released, after deduction of the cost of repairing the premises if damage was observed. Rental damages are understood to include any damage or deterioration of the accommodation, as well as damage, loss or theft caused to the movable property furnishing the accommodation, during the rental period.
In case of early departure (prior to the time mentioned during the reservation) preventing the establishment of the inventory of fixtures on the same day of the tenant’s departure, the security deposit is released by the owner in the day following departure. In the absence of rental damage, the security deposit is released on the day of departure.
In the case of the existence of rental damage, the security deposit will be released within a maximum period of 2 months, the expenses incurred in repairing the damage suffered deducted, justification and supporting invoices.

Article 12 – use of the premises : The tenant must ensure the peaceful nature of the rental and use it in accordance with the destination of the premises. Obligation to occupy the premises personally, to live in them “as a good father” and to maintain them. He undertakes to make normal and reasonable use of the means of comfort (heating, air conditioning, water, etc.), as well as the equipment (household appliances, multimedia, kitchen, etc.) made available to him. All facilities are in working order. The tenant undertakes to inform the owner as soon as possible of any breakdown, damage, incidents or malfunction. Repairs made necessary by negligence or poor maintenance during the rental will be the responsibility of the tenant.
Obligation to ensure that the tranquility of the neighborhood is not disturbed by the fact of the tenant or his family. The tenant is responsible for the use of the internet access made available to him during the rental period. The tenant may not object to the visit of the premises, when the owner or his representative so requests.

Article 13 – capacity : This contract is established for a maximum capacity of 2 people. If the number of tenants exceeds the capacity of reception, the owner can refuse the additional people. Any modification or breach of the contract will be considered at the initiative of the tenant.

Article 14 – swimming pool : The use of the swimming pool is shared with the owner, it is at your disposal and the use is under the responsibility of the tenant, it is forbidden to dive and access is authorized from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. In the event of non-compliance with this clause by the tenant, the owner may refuse the stay. In this case, no refund will be made.

Article 15 – electric vehicle charging : An external EU domestic socket is available. The maximum current is 10A. At the end of the stay, the total consumption in kWh will be invoiced and paid at the EDF regulated rate.

Article 16 – animals : Animals are not accepted. In case of non-compliance with this clause by the tenant, the owner can refuse the stay. In this case, no refund will be made.

Article 17 – tobacco : It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the rental. In case of non-compliance with this clause by the tenant, the owner may charge an additional cleaning to remove tobacco odors. In this case, article 11 will be applied. On the other hand, it is tolerated to smoke outside the rental on the property, provided that cigarette ends are not left lying around.

Article 18- insurance : The tenant is responsible for all damages arising from him. He must be insured.

Article 19 – payment of charges : Water and electricity charges are included in the rental price, for normal use. In the event of abnormal use, the charges may be re-invoiced to the tenant. Tourist tax is included in the rental price with a maximum of 2 people.

Article 20 – disputes : For the execution of the present, the owner and the tenant elect domicile in their respective domiciles, indicated in article 2. However, in the event of litigation, the court the home of the owner will be the sole competent. This contract is subject to French law.