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KNX home automation

And everything works by magic!
Originally being an automation specialist in industry then having branched out into IT, I became passionate about home automation. After a few attempts on several houses, this was to be the culmination of my various experiences. Having tried a few solutions, the only one that seemed reliable and open to me was the KNX system. Then it was necessary to determine the expected functions and choose the corresponding KNX modules to meet the specifications. It remained to add a supervisor for more general functions and control from a tablet or phone. Of course the main functions are autonomous with the KNX like that, if the supervisor breaks down then the house remains controllable and there is little chance that the KNX will fail because it is very reliable.
The study and the programming was carried out by me while the wiring was entrusted to the electrician who participated in the construction of the house.
I wanted the maximum number of elements to go through the home automation (lighting, sockets , CMV with temperature management, swimming pool, door and window detection, BSO shutters, bioclimatic pergola, water and electricity consumption, water levels, irrigation, access management, audio, video, avoid wall lighting controls for lights but rather presence detectors).
Most KNX modules are from ZENNIO supplemented by SCHNEIDER.

You want to see it all in action, so why not come and spend 2 or 3 days in our rental (only possible in low season)

Published on : 03/28/2021  -  Filed under : Unclassified